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Chinese Calligraphy (Calligraphy in Chinese)

Chinese Calligraphy is a traditional art form practiced for many centuries. The art is highly revered in both Eastern and Western cultures.  When Chinese calligraphy originated is subject to much scholarly debate, but legend points to the invention of Chinese letters during the reign of the Yellow Emperor, Tsung Jie, 4,600 years ago. Chinese calligraphy was originally a beautiful way for Chinese people to write. As time went on, people began to appreciate the beauty of calligraphy. From this appreciation was born the art of Calligraphy in Chinese.

In modern times, Chinese Calligraphy is both an art form and a mediation style. The tranquil flows of the pen stroke produce both a stunning visual art, and a beautiful meditative dance.

Calligraphy in Chinese
Masters of this art convey more than just the meaning of the symbol they are drawing, they show feeling and soul through the brush stroke.

The award winning kung fu movie Hero starring Jet Li had scenes devoted to Chinese Calligraphy. Since that movie was released, there has been an increase in the number of Chinese Characters being tattooed in the United States. Recently actresses Julia Roberts (Oceans Twelve) and Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) have been seen with Chinese character tattoos.

With the rise of Chinese calligraphy in pop culture comes the introduction of Chinese Calligraphy in the clothing and fashion world. Go to any of the hottest night clubs in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami and you will find the hottest guys and ladies sporting skin tight shirts with large Chinese characters on the chest. Even the fashion world has taken notice and began to incorporate Chinese Calligraphy into la mode fashion.

You don’t have to be a master of Chinese calligraphy to enjoy the beauty this art form. is the foremost website dedicated to Chinese calligraphy on the internet. We offer a comprehensive selection of calligraphy brushes, ink, and sets. You will also find an exhaustive listing of Chinese calligraphy characters and their translation. So take a look inside and see why we people keep coming back to us for their Chinese calligraphy art and supplies.

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