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Chinese Calligraphy Art

Imagine painting a beautiful picture of a willow tree and it’s reflection in a nearby lake.  And in the tree you paint two love birds sitting next to each other.  Anyone that looks at the painting can enjoy its simple beauty. But how do you tell a story with a painting?

Chinese artists have been doing this for centuries. In its simplest form, Chinese calligraphy art is the practice of writing a simple story on a piece of art. The best example is Chinese calligraphy painting. Take the same painting described above, and add the words, “Courtship in a warm breeze”. Now the artist not only captivates you with his beautiful painting, but he entrances you by placing his thoughts in your mind.

Chinese Calligraphy Art
Chinese paintings aren’t the only Chinese calligraphy art, just the most famous type. Other great examples are long Chinese scrolls. These are often long intricate poem with just a small bit of drawing or painting on them. These scrolls tell a beautiful poem with the fundamental idea of the poem being accentuated by a simple drawing or painting. This simple visualization is a really powerful way of emphasizing the poem or story.

Other examples of Chinese calligraphy art are silk embroidery, tapestries, porcelain, furniture, and vanity screens. With so many different choices, the possibilities are endless.

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