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Chinese Calligraphy Characters

Modern Chinese calligraphy has two different systems of writing, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.  Because the simplified Chinese system is most commonly used, focuses on this system. The calligraphist must be cautious not to mix the two while writing. Just as there are two different systems of writing Chinese, there are two different ways to write an English word in Chinese calligraphy. One can translate the literal word, or translate the word phonetically (by the way it sounds).

The Chinese writing system is a generally logo syllabic; meaning each character represents either a one syllable word, or a single syllable portion of a word. This writing system allows for the translation of an English word by the way it sounds.

Chinese Calligraphy Characters
This way of translation allows for precise phonetic translation of names and words that do not have a common Chinese word that means the same thing. Translating a word that does have a corresponding word is not appropriate using this method because a native Chinese speaker will not be able to understand the context or meaning of the word. For example, the word tiger has a literal Chinese translation of 老虎. But, by writing the word phonetically in Chinese calligraphy, the word is incomprehensible.

When learning how to write Chinese calligraphy characters, one must strive to master each type of stroke. To master each stroke, one should study the Eight Principles of Yong. The eight basic strokes of Chinese calligraphy are found in the character Yong 永. It is believed that in one can master this one character, that they could master all characters.

When learning how to write Chinese calligraphy, try to keep these points in mind. Ifyou haven’t already read our, “Chinese Calligraphy Writing” page, there is some really good information there also. If after reading that page you still have an unanswered question, please visit our contact page and send us your answer from there.

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