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Chinese Calligraphy Names

When learning Chinese calligraphy, the most asked question is, "How do I write my name in Chinese?" For almost every English name, there is not a direct translation to Chinese. This is because there are two different ways of translating English into Chinese. There is the literal translation, where one word has a direct character(s) translation. The other way of translating English into Chinese is phonetically. Translating by phonics means to translate by the way the English word sounds.

Chinese Calligraphy Names
Translating the English word in the Chinese word logo syllabically is the preferred method of translating names and words that do not have corresponding Chinese characters. In general, each spoken English syllable will have a corresponding Chinese character. A popular book entitled, "Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Dictionary" can be download for easy reference.

Once you have transcribed your name into Chinese characters, you can send the transcription to us for examination. What we will do is make sure the phonetic translation doesn’t directly translate into something embarrassing. Having a tattoo that you think says your name but really means “death blood” could be embarrassing to you and offensive to a native Chinese speaker.

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