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Chinese Calligraphy Painting

Chinese calligraphy painting has a long rich history. Chinese calligraphy painting became popular during the Imperial China period. It was in this period of time that Chinese calligraphy painting became highly treasured in the court circles.

Before the wide spread use of paper in China, calligraphy paintings were originally painted on silk. This practice continued after the invention of paper.

Chinese Calligraphy Painting

During the Song dynasty, the emphasis in Chinese painting shifted from emotional fundamentals to spiritual awakening.

Later in the Yuan dynasty, artist Zhao Mengfu began painting Chinese landscapes. his greatly influenced other painters during and after his life. Chinese landscape painting remains popular to this day.

During the Ming dynasty, the Shanghai School perfected and taught the form Guohua, 國畫. Guohua simply translates to “national painting” or “native painting”. Guohua uses the same techniques as Chinese calligraphy, and is painted in black or colored in. Oil paints are not used. The two main techniques used in Guohua are the Gong-bi (工筆) and the Shui-mo (水墨) style. Gong-bi is referred to as the traditional court-style painting. Shui-mo translates loosely into water ink. This translation is often interpreted as watercolor painting.

In modern China, calligraphy painting has evolved into story-like art form. Painters use beautiful art strokes of captivate the viewer’s mind. The addition of calligraphy allows the painter to tell a short story. It is this short story that allows the viewer into the painter’s thoughts. This story telling art form is very popular in Western culture. Because of how affordable this art is Chinese calligraphy paintings are no longer just for the affluent or wealthy. Now it is an option for just about anyone looking to purchase art for their home or office.

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