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Chinese Calligraphy Set

The modern Chinese calligraphy set is comprised of the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. Collectively they are known as the Four Treasures of the Study. It is with these tools that an artist transforms words into art. Not only does one interpret the characters to read a story, but they also connect with the brush strokes to understand the feeling of the symbols.

Chinese calligraphy ink is made from lampblack and binding agents.  The ink comes in ink sticks which must be rubbed against wet inkstone until the right consistency is reached. Premixed bottled ink is an affordable alternative that should only be used to practice with. These premixed chemical inks tend to bleed over time. It is this bleeding which makes it unsuitable for hanging scrolls.

Chinese Calligraphy Set
In Chinese calligraphy, the traditional writing instrument is the brush. The common brush has a bamboo body and a head of weasel fur or fine chicken feathers. More elaborate and collectable brushes have bodies made of glass, ivory, red sandalwood, silver, and gold. The brush head can be made of either fur or fine feather. Exquisite examples are deer, rabbit, tiger, and wolf fur. These high quality brushes are quite collectable and will increase in value over time.

Inkstones in their simplified form are stone mortar used to grind the rods of ink, and hold ink after the water has liquefied the fine ink powder.  The most common inkstone materials are ceramic, polished wood and porcelain. Fine antique inkstones are highly prized. For example, jade inkstones are often found selling for up to $2000. The most famous and highly prized inkstone was made from Tao River stone gathered only during the Song dynasty.

Chinese calligraphy paper is a special type of paper which differs from common writing paper. In China, this paper is called Xuanzhi, and is traditionally made in the province of Anhui. It is commonly referred to as Xuan or Shuen paper. In China, this paper is made from bamboo, hemp, paper mulberry, rice, and Tartar wingceltis. Xuan paper is famous for a fine soft texture. This texture is what makes it desirable for Chinese calligraphy.

The Four Treasures of the Study is the essential for every calligrapher. We are proud to offer a wide selection of Chinese calligraphy instruments and tools. From the most basic beginner set to exquisite collectable sets, we have a set that everyone can enjoy.

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