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Chinese Calligraphy Symbols

In the Chinese art of calligraphy, symbols are painted in a flowing style to tell a story. Chinese symbols or characters replace individual letters and words. Through Chinese calligraphy the words, “Dreams come true” are transformed into beautiful flowing symbols that not only speak words, but captivate the mind. Chinese calligraphy’s artistic beauty adds elegance and grace to the person who adorns the symbols or the home that is transformed by characters.

As you may know, the ancient art form of Chinese calligraphy has entered Western pop culture within the past decade. This began with affluent people bringing home Chinese calligraphy on jewelry, paintings, and scrolls. As the art became more accepted, you began to see calligraphy symbols on clothing, in fashion design, and in tattoos.

You don’t have to have any special knowledge of Chinese calligraphy to enjoy its alluring beauty. has all the popular calligraphy symbols just a mouse click away. The most popular symbols searched for on are good fortune, honor, love, and strength. We have many more than this small example. Please bookmark our site and take your time browsing the many calligraphy symbols we have in the site. You’ll begin to see the beauty of the symbol transcend its meaning.
Chinese Calligraphy Symbols
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