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Chinese Calligraphy Translation

With the growing popularity of Chinese culture in Western society, people soon began want an easy and reliable way to translate English into Chinese. What originally took a trip to the library or local university can now be done on the internet. One of the most popular free translation services is offered by Google. This popular English to Chinese translation service is found at Google Translate.

To use this translator, you simply choose English as your starting language (on the left) and Chinese as the ending language (on the right). Then you type in the text you want translated into the text box and click the translate button. For example, the word Tiger is translated to 老 虎 in simplified Chinese.

Chinese Calligraphy Translation
If you use Microsoft Word 2007, you already have a built in translator. Simply open Word 2007 and type in the word you want translated. Highlight the word and right click on the word. At the bottom of the menu that opens scroll down to the bottom and select translate. A research box will open on the right hand side of the Word program window. In the research box drop down menu, ensure translate is selected, and then translate from English to Chinese (simplified). After you click the “go” arrow, the Chinese characters are displayed, along with a bilingual dictionary.
When you require more features for language translation, offers a comprehensive for a very affordable monthly fee. At the time of writing this article, the price was $4.95 USD per month. If you are serious about learning a Chinese dialect or calligraphy, this service is well worth the minimal investment.

After you have found the Chinese calligraphy symbols you want to use, we have some pretty cool Chinese fonts to try out. Simply download and install the fonts of your choice. Once they are installed, you can use these fonts to decorate postcards, write documents, use in Excel spreadsheets, add to Photoshop graphics, put them in your website, or simply print them out. If you want a Chinese calligraphy tattoo, simple choose the Chinese calligraphy symbols of your choice and put them in a word document. Highlight those symbols and scroll through your newly installed fonts. Once you choose a font style that you like, print it out and bring it with you to the tattoo artist.

In our Directory we have a comprehensive list of online translation services. Take a look and try out a couple of different services side by side. We are sure you’ll find one that is easy to use! We update our Directory often, so make sure and bookmark the page for easy reference.

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