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Learn Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a fun and rewarding hobby. Weather you appreciate calligraphy for its artistic value; you like the aspect of collecting calligraphic art; or enjoy the soothing aspect of drawing calligraphy, we can help you get started in this wonderful hobby.

Learn Chinese Calligraphy

The first thing to know is that there are two different types of Chinese writing. The first and oldest version is traditional Chinese calligraphy. This is what is found in classic Chinese artwork. Today, the most common version found is simplified Chinese. Simplified Chinese uses less individual strokes per character than traditional Chinese.

The second point is there are two different ways to translate English to Chinese. The first is literally and the second way is phonetically. The literal translation is the preferred method for words common between the languages. The phonetic translation is the preferred method when a word doesn’t have a common translation. For example, the phonetic translation of a person’s name would be the preferred method.

Before you start drawing Chinese calligraphy characters, you’ll need the basic tools of the trade. The basic Chinese calligraphy writing tools are referred to as the Four Treasures of the Study. The Four Treasures of the Study are the brush, the paper, the inkstick, and the inkstone. When beginning to learn calligraphy, it is best to buy these as a set.

The first character to practice while learning Chinese calligraphy is Yong, 永. Yong means forever or permanence. It is widely believed that the Chinese character Yong contains the eight common strokes needed to perfect Chinese writing. When this character is mastered, one should be able to write any Chinese character beautifully.

These four basic knowledge foundations are essential for anyone learning about Chinese calligraphy.

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